Oldenburg Burnout Inventory (OLBI)

Helps evaluate burnout severity based on exhaustion and disengagement statements

Ask yourself these Questions Stongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
1. I always find new and interesting aspects in my work
2. There are days when I feel tired before I arrive at work
3. It happens more and more often that I talk about my work in a negative way
4. After work, I tend to need more time than in the past in order to relax and feel better
5. I can tolerate the pressure of my work very well
6. Lately, I tend to think less at work and do my job almost mechanically
7. I find my work to be a positive challenge
8. During my work, I often feel emotionally drained
9. Over time, one can become dis-connected from this type of work
10. After working, I have enough energy for my leisure activities
11. Sometimes I feel sickened by my work tasks
12. After my work, I usually feel worn out and weary
13. This is the only type of work that I can imagine myself doing
14. Usually, I can manage the amount of my work well
15. I feel more and more engaged in my work
16. When I work, I usually feel energized